For our business in general and for us in particular, the most important aspect is protecting customers' privacy. Therefore, we make sure all the information regarding yourself, your business and your clients are private and destined only for the purposes they've been asigned to from the beginning.

Collecting your data

We do collect some data that is stored on our servers. This data regards your IP address, location - when that's allowed -, and the way you interact with our website. Personal data, like name, phone number, website or e-mail address is never stored, unless you want us to contact us back, regardless reason. When the contracted service expired, we may remove that data from our e-mails at a certain time or on request.

Inforcing personal privacy

None of your info or details will go further. They will not be sold, rented, publicly or privately exposed to third parties, unless you specifically require it - as in forwarding it to your specific tutor. It is possible to contact you later if you decide you want to be part of our newsletter campaign, or on request - for example further negociations and future projects.

Security measures taken by our specialists, both technical and organizational, are meant to protect your personal data. Although we're trying to do our best to secure customers' or visitors' details, we can not guarantee they can not be accessed by unothorized intruders, using advanced hacking techniques.

About cookies

As mentioned above, we do store some of your personal details on our server. We also store little text files on your computers, named "cookies", to observe different reactions on your website and provide better services. We log your preferences regarding the way you interact with our graphic, specific times you choose to visit our website or devices used in the process - operating systems, device type - phone, tablet, desktop -, etc.

If you have questions, please visit our contact page.