We've prepared a true heaven for marketers out there: simply send us our request, then wait for a response. It is a 3 step process, where everybody gets what he wants.

Step 1 - tell us your need

Try to be as detailed as possible. If you have a website or multiple websites, write them down. If you have clients that need attention, send them through. Your information is confidential and it won't go further from our e-mail or the person asisgned to assist you. Only our team and your personal helper will read it. Of course we take all necessary care when forwarding it; we first make sure someone fit is available for the task.

Step 2 - we come back with our proposal

We'll give you the name and portfolio of the marketer we find, together with access to your tools. Therefore, you may take a peak of our world even before starting to work with your assistant. Although we've previously determined he's a good fit, if you still don't agree with the choice we've made, you may request another. This is a one-time favor, we will respect it. If you don't like it, we will repeat step 1. Price stays the same, regardless person assigned. If you do agree, we'll jump to step 3.

Step 3 - meet your tutor

After we've completed step 2, you should provide 3 possible meeting days and hours. The tutor then chooses a more convenient schedule and we'll set everything up. Meeting will take place in a top-notch online environment that should provide voice, video and screenshare options. Second meeting, if that's the case, we'll be agreed upon during your first class.

There's one little detail we want to talk about. It is not included in our process, but it needs to be stated: your connections will not solve your problems. They will try to help YOU solve them yourself. They may even recommend online services and tools that may ease things up, but they can't do the work. Getting part of this means involvement, from all parts - you, us and the connections.

Looking forward to hear from you!