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Have you ever reached the boarding gate just to see it slam shut in your face?

It is a terrible feeling and one that many people who use connection flights commonly experience. Trying to take several flights to reach a destination is tricky, and sometimes a dangerous game. A small delay to your first flight can get you too late to your intermediary airport where you could spend the night waiting for a new departure. If this situation happens to you, there are several passenger rights that you are entitled to and which you should claim. Here is how to do it!

When you get compensation for your missed connection flight

Missing your connection flight leaves you stranded in an airport where you probably did not want to spend more than an hour. For some passengers, this event is shocking. You will want to shake off the feelings of frustration and anger, and focus on getting some kind of coverage.

You may be entitled to compensation if:

  • You only had only one ticket for your journey
  • You may ask for reimbursement if all of your trips are present on a single ticket. In other words, if you have one ticket that took you from A to B, and another one for the flight that takes you from B to C, and which you have missed, you cannot ask for a refund for any of them.
  • It was the airline’s fault

If your time management skills are on the spot, and missing the connecting flight is the airline's entire fault, you can ask for compensation. For example, if you could not board the second aircraft on your ticket because of delay or cancellation, the airline should refund your ticket or offer you a replacement flight. Get on and see how.

What you get during an overnight wait

Many times, airlines choose to repay their disgruntled customers for causing them to miss a connecting flight. In this case, they could offer a replacement flight for the next day completely free of charge. While the offer is appealing and it does not ruin your trip entirely, it does not mean that it makes up for their mistake.

If you are stuck overnight on an airport because of the airline’s fault, you should know that you are entitled to more than just a replacement flight. The airline should offer you:

  • Free food
  • Free refreshments
  • Free accommodation

When you are not eligible to claim compensation for a missed connection flight

In extraordinary circumstances, you will not be able to claim compensation for missing your connecting flight. These situations include inclement weather, terrorist attacks or political unrest among others. In this case, you will have to find out if the reasons for flight cancellation or delay are valid.

In some cases, airlines may lie about the true reasons why you missed a connecting flight. You should always aim to employ professional services that can investigate the case for you, such as the expert team from They can find out more about the situation and seek reimbursement for your trouble without receiving a commission unless you win the case.