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enMarkit - Connecting People and Online Businesses

Convert Clicks to Communities!

Big data for businesses | Establish trust and personalize experiences

Feature 1

Understand User Data

Map contextual reviews and social graphs of your customers. Connect your brand to each customer better through their social connections. READ MORE

Feature 1

Identify Key

Organise customers based on their interests, spending power, and connections. Identify people who bring more business. READ MORE

Feature 1

Customize Experience
& Grow Sales

Use enmarkit insights to customise each user's experience. Higher user engagement lead to higher sales. READ MORE

Customers love us, and businesses too!

Customers spend 1.9 times more time on sites that work with enMarkit. Users find trustworthy reviews from their friends embedded on the sites - helping them spend more money without fear or mistrust on these sites.

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--- Key Features ---
  • Easy Integration

    We work fair with all leading platforms and ensure that our solution can be integrated even by non-techies of the team.

  • Social

    Reviewer Credibility Means Higher Conversions and integrating social profiles of buyers along with their reviews provides just that. We enable your customers to discover reviews from their friends.

  • Analytics

    Our business dashboards provide business users with relevant analytics, including - customer segmentation on their influencer scores, LTV analysis, visitor engagement and many more.

  • Secure and Private

    Your data is transferred on 128 bit SSL security certification. We are paranoid about your data safety and privacy!

  • Search Friendly

    Reviews left by verified customers are linked to social networks and also become integrated to your website. This helps your site rank better in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

  • Ad Free

    We never put any ads on any content. Rest assured that we never spoil your website aesthetics. Ever.

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--- Verticals ---

We work with all B2C Verticals

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We partner with E-commerce marketplaces to reduce cart abondonment and personalise their customers' experiences.

Case 3


Logistics and Freelance Service Providers use our services to establish trust and identify key influencers.

Case 1


With the help of enmarkit, building a reputation is no longer a challenge.

And We are the right team.

With an experience at major online retailers and investment firms, where we built and scaled multiple product companies, we understand what it takes to grow businesses online. Our team is aware of the best operational and secure business practices that have helped the best Fortune 100 companies scale internationally.

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